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Map out where you want to go.

A large list of ways to view wildlife in Alaska.

The official United States Alaska site.
Know the rules-Alaska Fish and Game.
Another good starting point.

Good listing of the National Parks in Alaska.
A list of the Alaska State Parks.
Good info on Brown Bears at Katmai National Park
The largest and most remote state park in North America.
To experience Glacier Bay, you really need to be on the water.
Kenai, Alaska search web site.
Katmai Park, where most of the bear shots were taken.
We went the hard way! This might have been easier and safer.
Good links to Alaska state parks.

Gateway to the Stikine River, the fastest flowing river in North America.
Gustavus, the gateway to Glacier Bay.
A very good research web site.
"Quaint Norwegian town of Petersburg"
This is the Bald Eagle capital of the world.
An excellent place to start looking for Southeast Alaska fun.
Gateway to Southeast Alaska, another good web site.

For some, a great way to see the interior of Alaska.
Alaska Railroad-An easy way to travel completely across Alaska.
The Alaska Ferry, a good way to travel.

The only resort on Admiralty Island.
"Great accommodations, very friendly helpful people"
To reach Katmai, fly into King Salmon and stay here.
Rent cabins from the government- the cabins may be inexpensive, but getting there is something else.
Some of the nicest people we've met and a great Bed and Breakfast.

**Wonderful people and ready to help. **
A real good info site from people that know, Alaskans.
A large list of fishing lodges and resorts.
Another travel guide that can be a real time saver if you are planning your own Alaska adventure.
A world of adventure is waiting.
Found this is a good way to find a variety of Alaska links.

Some of the strongest tides in the world.
A good place to check the weather.
Know the weather, wherever you go-The Weather Channel.

The way most people see wildlife.
A good list of things to do in Southeast Alaska.
Look into the Alaska past.
Another look into the past.
Fun site to see parts of Alaska live.

A look from outer space, Nasa Project.
Alaska Biological Science Center.

This magazine has done more for the natural unknown than any other.

TELEVISION This great television network brings the natural wonders into your living room.

Sample some Alaskan food no matter where you are!
Good equipment will save your life. The place that sells the best!
Alaska mall-A great place to shop
For the most comfortable warm footwear, check this out and just say " Ugg!"
Tectron is what we use on our gear to increase water resistance.
We see Alaska using Zodiac inflatable boats.

This image, titled Iceberg 65 was taken at Tracy Arm Alaska. The winds and tides have shaped this piece of ice into floating modern art.

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