Discovery Photo is an actual photo account of two Central California business men who team up to explore the wild and magical waterways of Alaska from a 14 foot inflatable Zodiac.Bob and Brent in AlaskaOur love and respect for the outdoors have lead us to avoid the traditional cruises and guided charters. Our goal is to experience the raw and powerful essence of nature and interface with the rough and ready residents of this great frontier. Over the last few years, we've taken hundreds of photos and dozens of hours of broadcast quality video to share these rare moments with you. We hope you enjoy our web site as we strive to provide you with affordable photographs, interesting stories, valuable information and links to the great Alaska adventure.

Months of extensive planning includes purchasing appropriate gear and gathering information on the area from numerous sources such as the Forest Service and the locals, often via the Internet. We air cargo our gear to a designated small Alaska community, inflate the Zodiac, uncrate the gear, store the crates, repack the gear and head for the wilderness for weeks at a time.

Once we establish base camp, we take trips of 2 to 3 days in length traveling the waterways stopping to observe frequently. Space is an extreme premium reserved for our gear. Packing little food, our diet is mostly fish and berries with a few snacks we bring.

This image, titled Iceberg 65 was taken at Tracy Arm Alaska. The winds and tides have shaped this piece of ice into floating modern art.

On these expeditions, we must be alert and be prepared for all types of weather. We are totally on our own and usually outside of radio range where it could take days to get help. Of the small communities we visited, about all that was available for purchase was gasoline. None the less, the scenery, the wildlife, the extreme silence, the physical challenge and total exhilaration of it all is worth every wet and chilling moment. These are once in a lifetime glimpses of wildlife wonders and spectacular scenery most only see on the Discovery Channel. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Bob in AlaskaBob

I am an ad executive. I take to the wilderness every chance I get, each time learning something new about the world around us.


Brent in Alaska


I have traveled all over the world for exploration and adventure and it never ceases to amaze me how honest and refreshing nature really is.

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